Ruta’s campaign focuses on the issues closest to her heart:

Universal Health Care

Ruta believes every single human being should have high quality, affordable healthcare. That is why she supports Medicare for All and will work in Tallahassee to expand healthcare options in Florida.

Ruta can get things done. She spent years working in the insurance industry, fighting to keep premium costs down for consumers. Then she co-founded the Universal Crescent Clinic that provides 100% free healthcare to uninsured people in Sarasota.

Livable Wages & Affordable Housing for Veterans & Working People

Ruta knows that veterans and working people need good jobs with livable wages and affordable housing. That is why she supports a $15 minimum wage and wants to require counties to designate zoning for affordable housing, an inventory sorely lacking in Sarasota.

Ruta can get things done. She founded her own business, International Staffing Group, Inc., that places veterans in good jobs that allow them to utilize their specialized skills. Based on the personal stories she’s heard from vets, she knows what they need — and  deserve — after serving our country.

Protecting Seniors and Their Quality of Life

Ruta cares passionately about seniors and will fight to make sure no one is ever again abandoned during a natural disaster. She wants stronger regulations of nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Ruta can get things done. She serves as the primary caretaker for her 96-year-old mother and has advocated for her many times. She believes caring for aging parents is a bipartisan concern and regularly works across party lines to get things done in the workplace and community.

Environmental Protection

Ruta supports pro-environmental community efforts and legislation. Her environmental platform focuses on conservation, recycling, and the development of clean energy alternatives. She supports the development of light rail, which will also help Floridians evacuate during natural disasters.

Ruta can get things done. In addition to volunteering at the Clinic, leading her own business, and caring for her mother, she also runs a small farm. She enjoys spending time with animals and enjoying nature.