Ruta Maria Jouniari knows how to get things done, and as a County Commissioner, she will focus on improving the quality of life in Sarasota County for all of us, from Lakewood Ranch to North Port.

Sustainable Development

Sarasota County is a great place to live, and a lot of people want to move here. Ruta Maria supports development because it provides jobs, housing, and amenities for people to enjoy. She wants to make certain, however, that we grow in a well-planned, sustainable way that preserves our quality of life.

Environmental Protection

As a small farmer, Ruta Maria cares deeply about the environment, and she wants to protect the natural resources that make Sarasota so beautiful and special. Her environmental platform focuses on clean water, conservation, recycling, and the development of clean energy alternatives.

Affordable Housing for Seniors and Working People

As Sarasota has grown, the cost of living has risen. Ruta Maria knows that seniors and working people need affordable housing. That is why she wants Sarasota County to designate zoning for affordable housing, an inventory that is sorely lacking.